She Hates Disappointments

She is vulnerable to lacking.She takes forever to ask you for something.When she asks she’s really desperate.She hates to ask and not be given.She hates disappointments.She gives up easily when it comes to that.


Why Anxiety Is My Worst Enemy

I wonder how many people do not experience anxiety at any stage in there life.I wonder what anxiety makes them do and not do.I hate my anxiety although there is some comfort in it.Am anxious about almost everything in my life.

A anxious about losing everything I’ve spent my years for
I hate it that I put so much on people and I end up being let down.I hate it that my anxiety do not allow me to trust people anymore.I hate it that this anxiety is killing me inside slowly by slowly.

I hate it that my anxiety do not allow me to enjoy weekends as I should be.Anxiety makes you lose hope.Makes your boring and hopeless.When anxiety is overcame,life becomes simpler and enjoyable.

When one is able overcome anxiety in their own lives,they are able to hope for a better tomorrow.Know your worth in overcoming anxiety and make it your responsibility to fight.Anxiety in any aspect of life is a wasteof energy.Why not take the time to do something for yourself?

why this phase is tough for her

She is just 14 years of age.She is slowly becoming shameful of the crowd.She is slowly becoming afraid to face the world.

She is slowly carrying the burden of the whole world.She is slowly growing the negative anxiety.She is slowly becoming immune to the strong girl she used to be.

She is slowly learning that lacking in life can sometimes be shameful to the society.She is afraid to face the world because she is at home while she should be in school,because of unavoidable circumstances.

She is slowly learning that life has to be lived and taking right decisions is portion in their own lives.Soon she will have to face the world.Soon she will know that in life there will always be critics.

Soon she will know that they have to live their own lives without minding what the world will think.

Untamed anger

The kind of anger I wouldn’t know how to describe.I can try to explain though.It comes suddenly and sometimes it just comes to act on the wrong people or when its not expected.

Most importantly,it has no cause.Its just felt with no basis.To be honest I don’t like it.I hate it because I talk things I don’t intend to and act unexpectedly.

I wouldn’t say much about it.Untamed anger,I would call it



Sometimes people just delve in relationships for wrong reasons.I wouldn’t judge anyone on this.Sometimes people just find themselves in relationships.
Some do not even have importance.Maybe people get in the same to relieve stress maybe to have a clue of how it feels to be in relationships.
Some relationships are funny.They start well then end not seriously but childish.For petty reasons but since they were never serious no one is ready to fight for it.Or maybe one is willing but the other is not.Or maybe one was serious and there other just in for fun.
Some really hurts some you just even don’t feel and don’t seem to be serious.

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Eully Meets Long Sem Break

Published Drafts

I have been waiting for a sem break so that I could relax more. So I could update my blog. So that I could read and write more. Maybe so I could stay late at night to mourn over the death of my favorite characters in a movie or in a book. I really miss those times when I could do everything I please, the sky’s the limit. When I stare at the ceiling to contemplate and cry without a rational reason. Those times when life was that simple. You don’t have to care what people say about you when you don’t participate. Those times when I feast for an in-tune guitar. I was playing and singing a sad song, a love song and old song. Then I began crying. I will look at the sky and whisper how I long to fly. I go out at dawn and close…

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Letter To The Sweetest Person

Mummy,you might know this but i do really appreciate you.I appreciate how you’ve been by my side even in the worst days of my life.I appreciate God for giving you me.I thank you for showing unconditional love.

To be honest mom,i cant compare any love i’ve to yours.Honestly,i cannot prefer any love to yours.Surely,you’re a being i would never want to lose.You’re a being i so much appreciate.You’re the star during my most lonely nights.

I know we’ve fought.I know that i have disobeyed you and even talked ill of you to some people.Failing to be the best daughter you’ll want me to be hurts,literally.I hate that i cannot show how much i love you and appreciate you.

You have gone through alot just for us than any mom in the world would do.How i wish you knew how much my heart bleeds just thinking of the hurt i’ve made you go through.

I long for the day you’ll look at me and see joy instead of the hurt.I long for the day,you’ll look me into the eye and tell me how happy i make you.You stood by me when i gave you a hard time.You showed me love when you could have given up on me.You were the sweetest being during my sturbborn teen age.

Am praying to God,to make me the daughter that will make your dreams come true.I long for the day that you’ll at me and make that face that shows am the daughter you’re proud of.

The day is soon,the day is tommorrow,when mom i’ll give you a hug and credit you allmy success.Your presence in my life is of great honour.Mom,your presence in my life induces the living in me.

I love you mom.I appreciate you my sweet mama.

Are You Really Over Your Ex?

Yes,you get over him but there is somethig in you that just wants you to talk to him.Tell him everything that has been going on in your mind.You just want to tell him every good and bad things you think about him.

Atimes you feel like telling him to rot in hell.Now his graduation is almost the thought of him telling you he is graduating makes you wanna tell him to tamarck with his degree for as many years as you were when you met.

But you know you’re over him when you see his profile in his social media accounts is his girlfriend.It doesnt hurt me anymore like it used.You’re okay with that.And you’re learning from that.