Good plans,are better for today ;than greater plans for tomorrow.

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Jessica Schluter

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Self-love, self-esteem, and confidence are all topics that are frequently talked about on my social media timeline. I’ve chosen to follow fitness influencers and authors and entrepreneurs in addition to people that I personally know. These people often discuss issues like self-love, how to be confident, and how to make it through times when you’re struggling. More and more people are opening up about mental health, anxiety and depression, and feeling inadequate. It seems like the norm to be vulnerable and to admit to struggling. So why is it still so hard for me?

Because I do see so many posts about mental health and transparency, I forget that not every one is focusing on these same topics. Not every one is following the same people, not everyone is engaging in the same conversation. There are many people who don’t understand the struggle of…

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A Breakdown of the mind… or, rather, my own personal mental breakdown…

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Thoughts for a Thursday

I’m Selina, I’m 28 years old, and about a month ago I had a mental breakdown…

Oh yeah. Like full-force crazy-scale one day (really, I was working from home crying in front of my laptop, blubbering and trying to tell the painter – who is a village local, that I often see when I walk Bailey – that he’d done a great job painting the kitchen) and the following day my brain became mash – yes, like the potato…

I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to. Everything hurt, and every time I stood up, I cried. I was completely alone at home, and the only reason I got up, was to make sure Bailey was fed and walked and looked after – as annoying as that dog is, he saved me. I felt so completely alone, and as though I was the only one to have ever experienced this, and…

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The Fool

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How I Learned to Dance in The Rain

A message sent

“Block it,” says the mind

“But ‘what if'” says the heart

Heart leads the mind; the games begin

“Manipulation,” says the mind

The heart agrees…but melts under pressure

Promises made; the photos tell all – Lies

Mine the heart stays

The mind slowly sinks away

The heart takes over; the drama begins

Fights galore – about money – the money spent

Debt incurred, bitterness grows

The heartaches grow, the mind screams

“It’s time to go,” and vanishes

Only to find more trouble

More heartache and, eventually the truth

He’s NOT who he says

While a victim like she, not a man she wants

Innocent, caught up in scandal

But jokes about those who suffer

As do those surrounding him

Life is perfect, idyllic, lovely

Has everything anyone wants

But for those fooled pain is real

Manipulation is real

We are not stupid, not crazy

We need compassion…

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Lovely grandma and us

Diabetic day is approaching.This day brings my childhood memory.Diabetes took away one of my most beloved persons in my life.
It has been ten years since she left.She won the hearts of many in our family and in our village and basically to everyone who knew her.Each and everday most of these people if not all are hapy t do to things in loving memory of her.She was kind hearted and no body could ever imagine we could only live with her memory so soon.
Many remember her particularly because she was spiritual.She introduced us to Christ and the church.Grandma knew what Christianity meant and wanted the people surrounding her to know it as well.We loved her for that too.Oh!She taught us gardening too.

I was just a kid that time.It was one of those evenings after school and i found a crowd like group in our home.I couldn’t tell why they were there.I could only guess they came to pay a visit to my ailing grandma.She had been ailing for a long period of time.She was suffering from diabetes.I had not known diabetes was such a deadly disease,if not well managed.
Though I was young,i remember my grandpa and my aunt tried their best to manage the condition.They were always there with her.Following doctor’s prescriptions.Cooked every meal that they were told could help the manage the condition.They did all that with so much loving.

Now,on that fateful evening,a friend of mine told me my grandma had gone to heaven but she was still in her bedroom.I couldn’t figure out what she meant by that and I got really angry.How could she have gone to heaven and still be in her bedroom?I guess I was already getting a hint of what was happening but I couldn’t bring myself to admit it.
She was a loving mama,aunt and grandma to us.Being named after her,I feel like I’m more or less like her.Kind,loving,caring and all that she was(haha I know).She left a memory in our hearts and will always remember her.She was a role model.I can’t remember to forget her.

This post is in loving memory of her.Though she was in pain when she left,i know in heaven she is happy and painless rejoicing with other good people who left us.The kind of Moses and Abraham.
I know She watches over us and she is happy about how her grandchildren have grown so big.
We miss you grandma but we’re happy that you are no longer suffering.Say hello to everyone in heaven for us.

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Why Anxiety Is My Worst Enemy

I wonder how many people do not experience anxiety at any stage in there life.I wonder what anxiety makes them do and not do.I hate my anxiety although there is some comfort in it.Am anxious about almost everything in my life.

A anxious about losing everything I’ve spent my years for
I hate it that I put so much on people and I end up being let down.I hate it that my anxiety do not allow me to trust people anymore.I hate it that this anxiety is killing me inside slowly by slowly.

I hate it that my anxiety do not allow me to enjoy weekends as I should be.Anxiety makes you lose hope.Makes your boring and hopeless.When anxiety is overcame,life becomes simpler and enjoyable.

When one is able overcome anxiety in their own lives,they are able to hope for a better tomorrow.Know your worth in overcoming anxiety and make it your responsibility to fight.Anxiety in any aspect of life is a wasteof energy.Why not take the time to do something for yourself?

why this phase is tough for her

She is just 14 years of age.She is slowly becoming shameful of the crowd.She is slowly becoming afraid to face the world.

She is slowly carrying the burden of the whole world.She is slowly growing the negative anxiety.She is slowly becoming immune to the strong girl she used to be.

She is slowly learning that lacking in life can sometimes be shameful to the society.She is afraid to face the world because she is at home while she should be in school,because of unavoidable circumstances.

She is slowly learning that life has to be lived and taking right decisions is portion in their own lives.Soon she will have to face the world.Soon she will know that in life there will always be critics.

Soon she will know that they have to live their own lives without minding what the world will think.